Sunday, December 19, 2010


went cycling for section outing just a while ago
i thought the whole journey was very poignant;
it looked a reflection of our ministry's direction

we set out with a vision of a promised land:
somewhere the leaders knew
but those who followed did not
a land overflowing with milk and honey
err i mean great wind and scenery
nevertheless, everyone followed

covering the rear as last man,
there were some noisy deraileurs and gears
because there was a misalignment
of a few bike chains
it took a desire from me to smooth out their ride
and a willingness of theirs to listen
and together, we ironed out their kinks
and were on our way
heading towards destination
on the path of least resistance

along the way
rain threatened to, well, rain on our parade
we took several pit stops
surveyed the weather
and saw that the dark clouds were catching up on us
instead of hiding and being caught in the rain,
we pressed on towards the plan set before us
to bring everyone out of the impending storm
(it didnt rain btw, but not the point!)

we didn't reach the promised land either
but we were out of the rain
and within striking distance of the place
as pierre de coubertin put it:
"the essential thing is not to have conquered
but to have fought well"

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