Tuesday, April 06, 2010


today i watched kasi run his swansong 5k
and the image wound the clock back a few years

if i could, i would have ordered the entire current acx down
to watch him run
im so proud of kasi
even though like he didnt get top3 or top8 or anything
he really really fought
the race was started badly
but he never gave up
even though there was nothing to fight for
kasi sped up at the most painful parts of the 5k
and ran with a beautiful form

i guess not everyone could have spotted it
but these few months with kasi
i found that though he had weak will
he had the strongest mentality
and he went for it even though it was always out of his reach
he's the only one left in acx with the fire in his eyes
today kasi translated that into sheer willpower
and truly it was soul to sole

its just too bad he had nothing to show for it
but im really really damn proud of my vice captain
watching him run gave me goosebumps today
and i felt really inspired watching my kasi run
go kasi

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