Tuesday, March 09, 2010

i am employed

for those of you who haven't been updated
i've finally gotten off my butt, got a job:
i'm assistant coach for acx back in sch

to answer the usual preceding question,
i'm being paid well enough
but by session instead of by the hour
4 times a week, roughly 3 hours a session

these next few days however
is the sch's track&field meet
and like today
i'll be working like 5-6 hours
and will still be getting paid by the session

but i really don't mind one bit
cuz i really love my job
and it really anchors the conviction
that i must do something i enjoy in the future

i think the team is shaping up really well
much better than my initial thoughts before i saw the guys
and it took me back to when i was in their position
thumping the track, forcing out 3:18s
remembered how it was like to believe in the impossible
and, together with my team, my brothers
rendered it possible

my job now is to bring that back
because the boys already have what it takes
but don't know that they do
if they would just believe
"the bell will ring for he who believes"
it's not that hard
because i do believe in them
i love my job

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