Thursday, April 14, 2011

from whence i came
how has it gone?
up from this stupor,
splitting sleepy yellow sands

hearken from where i come;
how far have you gone?
up, up from your well!
...and see in the water, your reflection

tug more gently on my beating strings
for it's fragmented, worn from trivial things
within dire and under ire
flesh and blood must surely tire

trumped the racket in my solitude
far deeper, further you intrude
till alone turns to lonely
and ego strangles self wretchedly

i break from my canter
and drop to the ground
take a sigh, find my center
look up towards where i am bound

over my shoulder i try to see
if the way i've took is worth the while
invariably i still see me
clawing, crawling - with a smile

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