Sunday, August 09, 2009

sunday in camp

it's a glorious sunday afternoon to spend in camp
i've resorted to blogging to while my time away
so far i've read 4 newspapers,
beat my high score at bubble spinner
come close to my word challenge high score many times
checked on the guards
taken 45mins to eat my measly lunch
picked up single items from my office on multiple trips

so far i've succeeded in burning 5 hours
about 19 more to go
i'll try to give 12 of those to sleep
at random instances and at random places

i've ran out of newspapers
my eyes are drying up from staring at this screen
and im tired of both standing and sitting

at least if it stays this way till tomorrow morning
i can relax and grow more brain
of which of course i already have in abundance
but more wouldnt hurt my chances at breaking
my word challenge high score

`tis my first time doing a weekend one
there's nobody in camp
ghost maybe have

think i have a bbq at home later
which i wont be at cuz im stuck down here
hoping nothing happens till i hand over

lets see if i werent here
i'd probably take a rare walk down orchard road
then i'll linger around orchard boulevard at the right time
then when the clock strikes 8:22pm i'd come to attention
and recite the national pledge there and then

by the time i reach this sentence
i'd have read the above at least 8 times
for whatever reason i cannot tell
except to inspire myself to type more
and waste away another 10mins

i cant believe it takes weekend duty
to finally get myself to blog longer than 3 sms length

from now till tomorrow
i think i'll take a few long long showers
play abit of pool ALONE
play alot of word challenge and bubble spinner
re-re-re-read maybe a quarter of the bible
blog a few entries
do many chin ups
sleep at random instances at random places
oh man i got nothing left to type

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