Sunday, July 12, 2009

officer's sword

recently lta leoel's officer sword kena oxidise
so if one day need to use for parade
he really eat energy
so now i cleaning my one oso
need to oil it some time

wiping the blade with one of my shirts
i wondered abt the meaning of the sword
how come saf spend money every batch
to give each officer an engraved sword

i heard in older, less tactical times
like before a battle started
the officers will draw their swords
then raise it at the enemy then the men will charge

of course in 3G battles nowadays
the sword will b super in the way
it'd be shiny, noisy, cumbersome
and of course, when we sit on the field chair
the sword will very din teh

but nowsdays officers
don seem to be held in such regard anymore
esp with so many nsf 2lt like me
got no men to command
need to rapport with other ppl's men to get work done
then in the end become more like friend
at most they get awed at how fit u are
or how much pay u get each month
but that's really about it

the officer nowsaday to me ah
abit less of prestige
abit less of honor
abit less of carrying your platoon on ur shoulders
but more of doing work
more of troubleshooters
more of doing cover work

in a way is closer to the office part of officer
then where come the operational side?
go war got knowledge, got planning, got thinking is good
but no c2, no mandate
is how??
this is cannor!
but is liddat

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